Alexander Zaytsev
Chief Executive Officer
We try to stay a no-nonsense tech company, so everybody on our team has some serious programming experience and our CEO is no exception:
  • 5 years as backend engineer in enterprise solutions
  • 3 years developing mobile apps for iOS/Android
  • 4 years managing city-scale (12 million population) infrastructure projects
Domain expertise:
  • Parking management
  • Telecom OSS
  • Enterprise content management
  • IIoT
  • Industrial control

Dmitry Murashenkov
Chief Technology Officer
Now, people will not be surprised by the fact that a company's CTO has a broad technical knowledge. Ours, however, still knows how to actually write code:
  • 15 years of hands on programming, devops and performance tuning experience
  • Team management and technical oversight on several large projects with budgets over $2m each
  • HackerRank enthusiast (back in the days)
Domain expertise:
  • Videoconferencing and VoIP technologies
  • Procurement
  • Telecom OSS

Alexandra Cohen
Project Management Officer
Before you ask… it’s because we think dinosaurs are cool (unless we're talking about ancient tech, of course!). forgetting about cute toys for a moment, our PMO has extensive experience of far more important matters throughout her career:
  • 5 years as a software engineer
  • 3 years as the head of product department
  • 2 years as the head of customer support
Domain expertise:
  • Fraud detection software
  • Blockchain-based financial products
  • Webinar and Webconference software

Anna Polukhina
Chief Financial Officer
Counting money isn't really the same as counting lines of code, so we leave this job to the real professionals!
With not one, but two bachelor's degrees and an MBA - our budget (and those of our clients) are in safe hands.

25 more engineers
The actual team
Our team is already too big to fit in a single photo, but we are still trying to do it, check for updates!
We value diversity of experience and have engineers from all walks of the IT industry: from IoT and smart home solutions to database experts. Whatever the type of project you are planning to undertake, we are confident that their skills will match your needs.