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Software development
  • Backend
    From simple server side applications to enterprise business & industrial
  • Web
    Adaptive, responsive, usable (finally!)
  • Mobile
    Native iOS and Android apps
  • Embedded
    IoT / IIoT, APCS, Industrial
  • Maintenance automation
    Backups that can actually be restored and more!
  • Deployment and administration
    Release to production with just a single button
  • Training
    Development, devops and automated testing by example
  • Technical due diligence
    An extra opinion never hurts!
  • Architecture design/review
    When you only need help with a specific part
Scale & Performance
  • High­load & Low-latency
    Up to millions requests/sec per node
  • Clustering & Redundancy
    Deployments with hundreds of nodes
  • BigData
    Databases with bilions records & objects
  • Hot-redeploy
    Zero-downtime releases
Quality & Reliability
  • Load balancing
    Systems will not be overloaded, SLA up to 99.9999
  • System redundancy
    Cold, warm and hot redundancy
  • Fault­tolerance
    Server failures won't affect user experience
  • Automated testing
    No regression bugs even after major changes